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CompTIA CDIA Plus Training

Certified Document Imaging Architech

The CompTIA CDIA+ (Certified Document Imaging Architech) is an exciting Computer Based Training program that provides the most comprehensive computer training on the market.

The CompTIA CDIA+ course not only prepares you for the CDIA+ exam but you will also possess critical knowledge of all major areas and technologies you will use to plan, design and specify an imaging system.

The first exam format is a learning tool and with each question you have the opportunity to click on a "Learn Now" button and receive a response as to why an answer is correct or incorrect.

The second exam format is designed to simulate the "real exam". Questions are randomly selected per objectives and presented in a time-format. At the end of the exam you will receive a final grade by objective, to help you recognise any areas requiring more study.

Course Outline

Introduction to CDIA Creating Index Data
Network Topologies
CDIA Certification Content Areas OCR Network Cabling
Introduction to Document Imaging ICR Distributed Computing
Business Pressures Scanner Related Functions Network Interface Cards
Document Technologies Forms OSI Model
Information Life Cycles Storage Subsystem Protocols
Productivity through Documents Storage Capacity Extending Networks
Automating the Office Document Size Terminal Emulation
The Process of Document Imaging Determining Storage Needs Communications Network Continued
Document Imaging
Imaging Cycle
Determining Storage Media other LAN & WAN Technologies
Advantages of Document Imaging Life Expectancy Network Servers
Potential Disadvantages Magnetic Storage Universal Viewers
Data Collection Human Factor Organising Information
Index Units Workflow Work Management
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) eXtensible Markup Language Computer Output to Laser Disk
ISO 9000 Needs Analysis Process Analysis
Corporate Objectives RAID Student Exercise
Management's Perspective Optical Media
Display/Output Output Options
The Bottom Line Digitised Storage Displayed Images
Input Paper Considerations Storage Continued Jukeboxes Monitors & Cable
Capture Process/Document Prep Optical Disk Issues Video Card
Quality Control Microforms Important Display Factors
Capture Software Storage Area Networks (SAN) Pitch & dpi
Document Scanning HSM Printing Images
Image Quality Formulas: Pages per Day Printing Requirements
Image Enhancement Formulas: Pages per Minute Scaling
Resolution and dpi Formulas: Number of Scanners Print Volumes
Scanning & Memory Student Exercise Management & Needs Assessment
Compression Network Design Considerations
Input Continued Communications Network User Expectations
Compression Continued
Networks Document Management Solutions
File Formats Network Requirements Documents
Getting Connected Network Classes Life of a Document
Scanner Considerations Network Types Electronic Tools for Document Management
Scanners & Performance Network Operating Systems Management & Needs Assessment Continued
Implementation Management Considerations
Integration Imaging Toolkits/Components
Hardware Challenge Network Challenge OS & Protocols Details
Computing Environment
Computers & CDIA The Story of the Computer
Three Stages of Computing Computer Layers Systems Today
Types of Computers Mainframe Computing Computer Language
Numbering Computer Buses Computer Speeds
Expansion Peripheral Groupware


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