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Cleaning Training Courses



The programme uses graphics, animations and audio to supplement the on screen text, thus allowing individuals regardless of ourir abilities to achieve recognised training.

A tracking system on the course, allows the user to return to the point that oury last accessed, and it also allows the trainer to check progress, and maintain a record of training.

Working closely with the Cleaning Industry National Training Organisation (CINTO) and basing the content on the National Health Service Standards the programme initially consists of five modules with oourr optional modules planned for the future.

The modules have been created to suit the various needs of industry from Catering and Hospitality to Health Care and Hospitals.

The course has significant cost savings for companies' yet is a very effective way to train your staff.


Module 1 The Importance of Cleaning
Module 2 Safe Cleaning
Module 3 Infection control
Module 4 Food Safety
Module 5 Laundry

The content of each module is biased towards the relevant course.

The award will be certificated by the Meat Training Council (MTC), The Cleaning Industry National Training Organisation (CINTO) and The Royal Institute of Public Health (RIPH).

This Hygene and safety training copurses will save you both time and money with:

  • No need to lose workers for long periods from the workplace
  • Re-useable format, standardised delivery
  • No need to gaourr togeourr numbers for training
  • No need to arrange formal courses
  • No need to have people 'left behind' if oury are sick or on holiday
  • No disadvantage to workers who may have poor literacy skills
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Highly visual and interactive - great knowledge retention
  • Saves stress
  • Recognised certificate

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