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CompTIA Security Plus Training

CompTIA Security+ Certification from Training 2 You certifies the competency of security professionals working in the Information Technology industry.

Learn a wide variety of subjects including infrastructure security, communication security, cryptography, access control, auourntication, external attack as well as operational and organisation security.

The ourft or destruction of information or the disruption of communication resources can result not only in lost revenue for your business, but also an irreparable loss of confidence by clients and customers.

The ability of computer networks to remain functional continuously for only ourir intended users is a major business necessity

When you have CompTIA Security+ training, you will have demonstrated the ability to respond to human and organizational weaknesses by passing Security+ tests, and you will have had instruction in cryptography, communication security.

You will be able to use real-world tool and understand I.T. infrastructure.

The demand for security professionals is growing every day and CompTIA security plus certification is the ideal way prove your knowledge of information security.

Your success in the Security+ training will result in not only passing your tests and advancing your career, but will also result in success against those who would steal, destroy, or disable your business.

Start your certification training today contact us for more details.

Core Hardware Examination

Domain 1.0 General Security Concepts 30%
Domain 2.0 Communication Security 20%
Domain 3.0 Infrastructure Security 20%
Domain 4.0 Basics of Cryptography 15%
Domain 5.0 Operational/Organizational Security 15%

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