CompTIA I-Net+ Ceritfication from Training 2 You. Become I-Net plus certified with the CD Rom Based Training course. Exam results are guaranteed


CompTIA I-NET+ Computer Training



The i-NET+ computer training course will prepare you for the CompTIA i-NET+ exam, which is designed to certify entry-level Internet and e-commerce technical professionals responsible for participating in the maintenance of Internet, Intranet and Extranet infrastructure and services as well as the development of Web-related applications.

As an added benefit of i-Net+ certification, all certificate holders can receive credit for the Foundations level of the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Program. The comprehensive training package is available on 8 CD-ROMs and features Charles Dworkis, who brings 10 years of information technology knowledge into his presentations.

You will also receive 1 practice exam simulator that contains hundreds of situation and fact-based questions to really test your knowledge. The simulator contains two different testing formats. The first exam is a learning tool and with each question you have the opportunity to click on a "Learn Now" button and receive a response as to why an answer is correct or incorrect. The second practice exam is designed to simulate the "real exam". Questions are randomly selected per objective and presented in a time-format. At the end of the exam you will receive a final grade by objective, to help you recognize any areas that require additional study.

Course Outline

Introduction Internetworking Devices Multimedia & Graphics
Internet History Hubs Plug-ins and Extensions
Internet Basics Internet Connections Firewalls Programming Languages
WAN Connectivity Protocols, Remote Access Protocols Server-/Client-side Programming
Internet Utilities Internet, Intranet or Extranet Databases
The Domain Name System (DNS) & Uniform Resource Locators (URL) Virtual Private Networks E-Business Concepts
Ports and URLS Private VS. Public Networks E-Commerce Standards
Protocols Types of Virtual Networks Web-Site Design & Management
Internet Mail Systems Troubleshooting E-Commerce Terms
Caching Troubleshooting Internet Problems Online Marketing
Internet Searches Security Access Control Offline Marketing
Cookies Encryption Pull vs. Push Technology
Networking Networking & the OSI Model Challenge/Response Protocols Visitor Tracking
TCP/IP Addressing Auditing Internet Copyright Issues
The TCP/IP Model Log Files Copyright Protection
Connection Devices Hackers and Crackers The International Issues of Globalization
Networking Development (Hypertext markup language) HTML Multilingual Website
Researching your Global Market Final Thoughts  


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