Learn how to use the latest Microsoft Office Technology with Training 2 You and gain a valuable qualification in the process. The MOS XP and MOUS certification courses are available as both & CD Rom based computer training.


Microsoft Office Training

Gain Microsoft Office 2000 and XP 2003 certification with Training 2 You

The Instructor led computer based training offers you the computer industries most effective way to become Microsoft Office 2000 Certified.

The MOUS Certification certifies individuals in the workplace with proficient and expert skills in Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. You can be certified in any one of the courses or the entire Microsoft Office Suite.

The curriculum developers have created a 13 CD-ROM computer training course for Microsoft Office 2000 that will show you how to get the most out of Office 2000 and prepare you for the Microsoft Office User Specialist Exam.

This CD-ROM computer based training course includes the following exclusive features:

  • While most computer based training courses are one-half or less of your screen, the courses are available in Full Screen Resolution and since oury are from the original digital masters, oury are of the highest quality. What good is a visual presentation if you have trouble identifying what is on your screen?
  • Full Motion Video and interaction offers you full control of what you see and hear on your screen. If you would like the instructor to repeat what he just said, you simply click on the rewind button and you may listen as often as you like. Each section is also identified with a digital index to help you find your place if you have to pause in the middle of a Lesson.
  • A "Floating Window" will be your guide through the application processes and steps. It acts like the Office Assistant, but since we programmed it into the course, it already knows what you are doing and will only offer information that is relevant to what you are doing. It is your companion through the interactive simulations.
  • Notepad lets you record detailed and precise notes during the instruction and is readily available at any time during any course. With a click of a button, you may record as many notes as you like and ourn resume with the visual presentation.
  • Complete Control of the Video Streams, down to each second of time, enables you to directly go to and from any section of the training series. You may replay any single part or all of the information as many times as you think is necessary to grasp the concepts.

The Microsoft Office 2000 Training Course Includes

• Word 2000
• Excel 2000
• Access 2000
• PowerPoint 2000
• Outlook 2000

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